6 oz wedge
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A two time gold medal winner at the 2017 & 2018 American Cheese Society Conference and Awards for the best Mixed Milk Cheese made in North, South and Central America. 

Bronze, Best of Show, for the State of Pa, 2018 Pa Cheese Competition  

Milk type: Cow, Sheep & GoatSeasonality of milk: Grass-fed, bringing it back to Summer 2019! (1 YEAR OLD BATCHES OF THIS MIXED MILK AWARD WINNING CHEESE!)

Cheese style/family: Italian Mountain Style - Inspired by the flavors of a young Pecorino, but with a mix of our farmstead milk from all three milking herds.

Rind development/treatment: Natural rind 

description/tasting notes: Sam was inspired and started creating these aged Italian Mt. mixed milk wheels about 4 year's ago now.