8 oz wheel
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Made with 100% cow's milk and aged for 7 days in The Farm at Doe Run's caves, sold at 1-3 weeks old and will continue to ripen for 4-6 weeks.

2nd place, Soft Ripened Cheese, 2020 PA Cheese Competition

1st place, American Cheese Society Awards 2011

2nd place, Soft Ripened Cheese, 2015 PA Cheese Competition

A fresh mold ripened pasteurized cow’s milk version is ready for the Fall and Winter months. Hummingbird has a flavor range from a light, citrus fresh flavor at a younger age to a delectable dollop of sweet unctuous cream in weeks 6-8 of its aging. Hummingbirds are a light, delicate rind cheese (delicate just like the beautiful Hummingbirds found in nature) and are a true embodiment of seasonal pasture-raised milk. In the Spring and Summer months The Farm at Doe Run makes their Hummingbird wheels with sheep and cow’s milk blended together for the full flavors of the peak milk season at the farm.