Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)



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Why Join a CSA?

  • For our members
    CSA members receive fresh, in season, locally grown food. All of our vegetables are grown on our farm without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Members have the satisfaction of taking an active role in preserving farmland and supporting local, family farmers.

    For the farmers

    A CSA is a farmer-friendly model. The farmer develops a stable, long-term relationship with reliable members. This makes it easier for us to plan each year's crops because we know what, and how much of each, crop we’ll need to grow. The CSA model provides the farmers with the foundation for a viable business, an essential element in sustainability and allows the farmers time to run a truly vibrant farm.

    For the land

    Healthy soil grows healthy plants, and healthy plants grow healthy people. Just as plants grown on rich soil have fewer diseases, pests and growth problems, people who eat this nutritious food experience radiant health.

    Fresh, certified organic vegetables grown on our farm.

    Discounts on bulk vegetables, like canning tomatoes, storage beets, or other bountiful crops.

    A connection to the farm through weekly farm updates that include you in the process of growing your food. Members also get open door access to walk the farm, do u-pick, visit the animals, or just spend the time enjoying the land.

    Pickup shares on the farm, at one of the pickup locations, or home delivery.